Biomedical imaging is an interdisciplinary field with roots in biology, medicine, physics, engineering, mathematics, and computer science. It encompasses a broad spectrum of techniques and processes for acquiring, analyzing, storing, transmitting, visualizing and interpreting imaged molecules, cells, tissues, organs and organisms for the purposes of investigative research and a wide range of diagnostic and clinical activities.Investigators at the Center for Biomedical Imaging & Informatics continue to develop new approaches in automated image interpretation, statistical pattern recognition, data mining, computer-based diagnostics, and high-performance computing to address challenges in computational biology, and diagnostic pathology and radiology.

Current Funding

09/2013 to 08/2017

Image Mining for Comparative Analysis of Expression Patterns in Tissue Microarrays. Role: Principal Investigator w/ Joel Saltz. (2R01LM009239-05A1). NIH. Funded.

03/2013 to 02/2018

Mechano-Visual Phenotyping of Cancer: From Onset Through Disease Progression (1R01CA161375-01A1). NIH. Funded. Role: Principal Investigator w/ Jaydev Desai