Clinical Data Warehouse

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey (RCINJ) is undertaking several key translational and clinical research and development projects which will require a standards-based informatics platform which can support both small and large-scale investigations. A cornerstone for these projects will be the clinical data warehouse which will be required to integrate data arising from Electronic Medical Records (EMR); Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), Tumor Registries, Biospecimen Repositories, Radiology and Pathology archives and next generation sequencing devices.  Our team has spent the past ten months systematically assessing the products and solutions offered by vendors throughout the marketplace to determine their capacity to provide data- aggregation, management, warehousing, analysis and visualization support to advance our efforts in precision medicine, data-mining, clinical outcome assessment and drug discovery.    


02/2018 to 01/2020
Methods and Tools for Integrating Pathomics Data into Cancer Registries. RoleL Principal Investigator w/ Joel Saltz. (1UG3 CA225021-01) . NIH. Funded

09/2017 to 09/2019
Evaluating Genomic and Computational Imaging Associations in Large-Scale, Longitudinal Cancer Studies. Role: Principal Investigator. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - Boston Healthcare System(IPA-RU-092917) . Funded